Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SNOW is awesome!!!

In Fuquay, we awoke to a beautiful white morning. I wasn't quite sure what the deal was as I've never really seen SNOW before. A small layer of flurries fell back in November, but it was nothing like this. I ran and froliced almost all day. Had to sneak in a few naps to reenergize myslef. Here's some pictures of my day of fun:

I really enjoyed running at mom while she tried to get pictures:

This was a common sight today. I think Grandma tired of trying to wipe me off everytime I came back inside:

The wind was blowing pretty good at times today too:

I loved sticking my nose down in the cold snow:

And of course pouncing on it too:

More chasing down mom and her camera:

She likes to get those up-close action shots:

I don't think I've ever ran around so much:

Another sticking my nose in it incident caught on camera:

My majestic pose, look at that form:

One of several rest sessions:

Mom just thought this was cute:

So I loved the snow. Bring on more!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

King of the Road!!!!

So, it's been a while since I last posted and boy has a lot went on. I went on my first big roadtrip and was quite a good traveler. Read more about my trip below. I've also completed my second obedience class (pics to be added later) alongside my brother River. I learned alot and impressed Mom and Grandma with how much I learned, including to "wait" for food. Here's some new pics and some new stories too:

One of my many comfy places to take a nap:

Just being cute (it's a ruff job):

I love my doggie door!!!

And now for the roadtrip:
Mom had a family reunion to go to all the way in Ohio, so Grandma and I piled in for the trip too. We hit the road early on Friday morning and after about an hour I was really confused because we hadn't stopped at Grandma Beth's house or at obedience class. We were stopped at a rest area near Pilot Mountain. This was stop number one for the trip and after about 20 minutes I did my business and we were back on the road. Then Mom and Grandma made stop number two as we were just starting to head up into the mountains. I finally gave up on trying to figure out where we were going and went to sleep about halfway across West Virginia. We finally got to Ohio and made it to Grandpa's house, our final destination for the weekend. Saturday we went to the family reunion and I was a hit. Mom made me show off most of my tricks from obedience class and I made some really great new friends. Then Sunday we piled back in the truck and I realized pretty quickly that we were in for the long haul again. Mom snapped these pics on the way back (while driving too):
Don't I look thrilled!

Snuggling in for a nap:

Snuggling even more:

Me and my travel buddies 'Fox' and 'Humpy':

Sniffing out what Grandma was eating:

And out for the count yet again:

Mom and Grandma were very happy with how well I traveled, and hope to plan more roadtrips in the future.

Well, off for the next of my adventures. I'll report back soon :)


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mom has a warped sense of humor!!!

So, Mom wanted me to post this video:

I've always played this way with this particular ball, but this time I think I went a bit too "all out". Mom has always laughed at my "fall over" antic and she was so proud that she finally captured it with the video camera.

Mom and the other moms and dads of my siblings have been posting some before and after pics of us. Here's mine:



Well, there have been plenty of pictures but not enough time to post much. I'll try to get better :)


Sunday, July 6, 2008

I PASSED (sorry for keeping you hanging in suspense)

I passed "puppy kindergarten" with flying colors. Well, it was a "high five" that actually got me my diploma (I had to learn a trick from Mom and Grandma that hadn't been taught in class). My "high five" is a hit with everyone, and Mom makes me show it off all the time. Here are some pics from graduation night:
Look at my "sit", I do it very well:

Here is one of Mom taking me up to get my certificate and ribbon from Grandma Beth:

And here's one of me in my graduation cap (handsome and smart, the whole package):

And here is a shot of the graduating class (L to R: Archer, Maya, Tory, River, Me, Molly and Cheddar. Jessie Rose and Abigail couldn't make it to class that night and Paddington and Laddie couldn't join us for class and they were greatly missed):

I do at least get to see Paddington, he comes over for a playdate every once in a while. He was over the weekend before graduation. We had a blast. Here we are chasing each other around the yard:

Action shot (Mom does a pretty good job at catching these):

And here we are tuckered out in the sandbox after all that running:

It's been a hot summer here in North Carolina, so here's how I spend those "dog" days of summer.
Just chillin' in my lawnchair:
Just hangin' out:
Posing for endless pictures for Mom (she actually used this one on a layout. "C is for Chase", at her scrapbooking weekend and won the Most Humorous category out of 19 entries. Way to go Mom, aren't you gald you have such a good subject):
And a hot summer day wouldn't be complete without a dip in the pool (Mom and Grandma have forgot about having the hose running and overflowed it the last two times):
Another action shot:

And of course after a swim I have to dry off before Mom will let me back in the house:

So, life is good. I start my next class on July 22nd, so we'll see what other tricks I can learn (so far I have: sit, stay, down, "high five", shake, and Mom is still working on heel (loose leash) and off and she's trying to teach me "burnout" too). I've lost the biggest majority of my puppy teeth (I think Mom has found about nine of them for her scrapbook and she refuses to look for the rest of them). I weighed about 46 pounds by Mom's home method late last week, so I'm getting big.
Mom has more videos to post, but she has to find the cable for the camcorder first (or order a new one).
Well, I think that's all I have for now. I hope I can start updating more regularly, but with my busy schedule (and Mom's too) it can get "ruff" at times to keep up with everything.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Latest Escapades

I know what you're thinking, "That's a mighty big word for a puppy", but hey we Goldens are very smart. Grandma Beth really had me and my siblings prepared for the big world out there. Well on to those 'escapades' .....

It's been really hot here, but not hot enough to completely keep me from the great outdoors. Here I am in my raceday chair, and taking my famous flying leap out of it :)
I like playing in my pool even if there isn't any water in it...
I'm growing more and more everyday. I'm getting taller and I was 36.5 pounds at the vet last Friday. Here's just some random pictures showing how much I'm growing (and how much cuter I just keep getting).
I'm even losing some of my puppy teeth and a couple of my permanent teeth have already came in. Mom's mad because she hasn't found any of the teeth I've lost for her scrapbook yet :)
And Mom had to go away for work last week, so Terri and Amanda helped take care of me on the two days Grandma had to work (they did a great job I must say). I was mostly good for Grandma, except for trying to eat a frog Tuesday night (sorry Laurel). And I missed Mom, but she brought me back a Goofy and a Mickey Mouse.
But most importantly she came home to me!!!!
I kept her awake almost the whole first night (I don't think she minded, I think she missed me almost as much as I missed her).
Now, my most recent adventure was tonight at "puppy kindergarten". Grandma Beth let us go swimming in her creek before class. I had so much fun (and I was the first one in). So I've let Mom and Grandma know that we need to find some more places for me to swim.
Now next week is graduation so be sure to back to see if I pass :)
All that swimming wore me out, I'm off to bed.